• AKCP E-Opto16 Expansion Module (16 Opto Isolated Dry Contact Inputs)

The AKCP E-opto16 is an expansion board that adds 16 opto isolated dry contact inputs to the securityProbe 5E. The AKCP E-opto16 can be connected to any of the 4 RJ-45 expansion ports located on the front panel of the securityProbe 5E base unit using standard CAT5 LAN cable.

The E-opto16 may also be daisychained using the E-Out / E-In ports on other expansion boards.

A wide variety of equipment that generates an output signal or voltage can be connected to each of the 2 wire dry contact inputs located on the back of the E-opto16 module. The (16) dry contact input LED status is displayed on the front panel.

The E-modules can be extended up to 300 meters from the securityProbe 5E base unit. There is no limit to how many E-modules can be connected to a single securityProbe 5E. It depends only on the number of sensors connected. A maximum of 600 data points can be monitored by the securityProbe 5E base unit.

A typical application for the E-opto16 would be to connect the outputs of an alarm panel to each of the 16 dry contact inputs allowing the securityProbe 5E's full featured built in notification system to be integrated into these alarm panels, or other systems that output a voltage.

The 300 meter maximum run length is not the total run length of all of the E-Boards combined. This is each 
E-Boards maximum run length from either the base unit, or from each other.

OID's for checking the Expansion Boards and securityProbe 5E

The OID will start with . for checking the sensors on the expansion modules including the E-sensor8.

This SNMPwalk command . can be used for checking all of the sensors on the securityProbe 5E.

This SNMPwalk command . can be used for returning the status of the expansion boards.



  • Size 8.5" x 5.43" x 1.80"
  • Weight 0.8 Kg

Status Indication

  • LED indication for Power
  • LED for E-module connectivity
  • LED for dry contact status
  • LED for Network Connectivity
  • Disconnect alarm notification from securityProbe 5E base unit
  • LED for sensor online and threshold status

Rack mount brackets included
Compatible with AKCess Pro’s DIN and
rack mount trays

Power Requirements

  • Voltage 7.0 – 9 VDC, 3Amp

Operating Environment
Temp : Min. -35° C - Max. +55° C
Humidity : Min. 20% - Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)


  • 1 RJ-45 expansion module output



  • 16x 2 wire dry contact inputs configured as opto-isolated
  • 2 wire dry contact inputs support up to 50 Volts DC and 80mA of current
  • 1 RJ-45 expansion module input (E-in)


  • 400,000 Hours


  • Manufactured using highly integrated,low power surface mount technology to ensure long term reliability.

Power Consumption

  • Typical 6.150 Watt, 0.82A



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AKCP E-Opto16 Expansion Module (16 Opto Isolated Dry Contact Inputs)

  • $300.00

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