• Buffalo TeraStation 4400 TS4400D-EU 24TB (4 x 6TB WD Red) 4 Bay NAS
Key Features
  • 4-bay NAS enclosure for highly customisable network attached storage
  • Compatible with 1, 2, 3, or 4TB 3.5” hard drives
  • 2GB of fast DDR3 memory installed
  • Powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ D2550 Dual-Core/4 threads CPU
  • Works simultaneously as NAS and iSCSI

Buffalo’s new TeraStation™ enclosure (TS4400D-EU) joins Buffalo’s TeraStation™ family with customisable Network Attached Storage with greater flexibility – users can start by installing one drive and add up to three additional drives as storage and back-up requirements grow.

TeraStation™ 4400 is equipped with the powerful Intel® Atom™ D2550 Dual-Core Processor and will impress users with both faster transfer of large files and faster file access from multiple computers. Its top-of-class performance is perfect for demanding small, medium, and growing businesses.

When populated with two or more drives the TeraStation™ 4400 protects your data with RAID and hot swap functionality allows users to change disks without downtime. Another added bonus: the new TeraStation™ enclosure also comes with 10 free NovaStor NovaBACKUP® licenses.

The TS4400 also provides important features to support your business such as Active Directory support, IP camera recording, iSCSI target, a faster and easy-to-use interface, and 2GB of fast DDR3 memory installed. All of this, together with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, two super speed USB 3.0 ports and two high speed USB 2.0 ports, gives users a fast, versatile, and feature-rich NAS enclosure. Buffalo’s TS4400D-EU enclosure is compatible with 1, 2, 3, and 4TB drives (sold separately).

Contains the WD Red HDD's NAS optimised for up to 8 bays Desktop solutions, Designed for Low duty cycle environment with 3 years warranty

Powered by the latest Intel Atom Dual Core

With a processor speed of 1.86 GHz ,it garantees the transfer of large files and faster file access from multiple computers.

Swap function enhances data security

With Hot Swap functionality, even if a drive fails, the TeraStation™ 4400 will automatically power down the faulty drive to allow its safe removal and replacement without interrupting work or causing any data loss.

Business class features

The Buffalo TeraStation™ 4400 offers business class features such as, Hot Swap drives, IP camera recording, support for ISCSI target and 2GB of fast DDR3 memory is installed.

NovaStor backup

The new TeraStation™ enclosure also comes with 10 free NovaStor NovaBACKUP® licenses.

Ultra high-speed data transfer with SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Boosts high-speed data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps on a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connection.
* Licences for more clients can be purchased at your Buffalo vendor.

Buffalo Surveillance Server

Record IP camera streams directly on TeraStation™. Cameras from over 300 manufacturers are supported.

All new web management GUI

Including Quick startup page for easy setup!


Powered by the latest Intel Atom Dual Core
Providing faster transfer of large files, faster file access from multiple computers.

Front-loading Hot Swap hard drives
Hot Swap hard drive trays are located behind the front panel for easy hard drive access or replacement.

DDR3 memory
2GB of fast DDR3 memory installed.

Buffalo Surveillance Server
Record IP camera stream directly on TeraStation™. Up to 10 cameras are supported.

iSCSI target support
Works simultaneously as NAS and iSCSI target.

New web management
Faster response, quick startup page for easy setup.

Warranty: 3 years

Built-in DLNA™ Media Server
The TeraStation™ 5200 has a built-in media server to stream digital files to any DLNA™ compatible digital entertainment device.

Built-in BitTorrent™ Client
Download large files independently without having to power up your PC or laptop with the built-in BitTorrent™ client feature found in all Buffalo's LinkStation™ and TeraStation™ NAS devices. The BitTorrent™ frees your PC or laptop for other activities. A BitTorrent™ client is a programme that uses the BitTorrent™ protocol to manage large file downloads and uploads over the Internet.

NovaStor backup
The new TeraStation™ enclosure also comes with 10 free NovaStor NovaBACKUP® licenses”

Four USB ports
Configured with four USB ports - two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports for greater flexibility. Use the USB port to add external hard drive, printer or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) connectivity.

RAID support
Three operational modes: RAID 0, 1 and Standard.

Hot Spare and mirroring for uninterrupted operations
Features Mirroring - a failover mechanism that provides reliability for uninterrupted operations.

Hot Spare function - enables automatic switch over to a spare drive during hard drive failure to ensure business continuity and uninterrupted operations.

Disk quota allocation
Disk quota prevents disk space misuse by allocating users with the right amount of space.

Network File System for wide user access
The Network File System (NFS) – mapped from UNIX – allows a wide range of users to access the drives.


Internal Hard Drives
HDD Controller Interface SATA 3Gb/s
Supported Capacities 1, 2, 3, 4TB (sold separately)
Number of Bays 4
USB Interface
Standard Compliance USB 2.0/USB 3.0
Connectory Type USB Type A
Number of Ports 2 x USB 2.0 / 2 x USB 3.0
Data Transfer Rates 480Mb/s USB 2.0 / 5Gb/s USB 3.0
Support OS Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit), Windows® XP, Windows Server® 2012*, Windows Server® 2008, Windows Server®, 2003, Windows® 2000 Server, Mac OS® X 10.4-10.8
Dimensions (W x H x D) 231 x 170 x 216 mm
Weight 4.75kg
Operating Environment 5-35°C, 20-80% (non-condensing)
Power Consumption Max. 86W
Power Supply Internal AC 100-240V Universal, 50/60Hz
Software System
RAID Support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/JBOD (depending on number of drives installed)
Hot Spare Have a spare drive if a RAID fails
Hot Swap Change drives in RAID without down time
SoleraTec Phoenix Video One free camera license, more can be added, manages storage pool and camera pool, supports cameras from 184 vendors and manual settings for RTSP
DFS DFS name space support
IserQuota Space limitation for users/groups
iSCSI Simultaneous NAS and iSCSI target functionality
Failover Failover solution with other Buffalo NAS devices
Replication Syncronise folders on two TeraStations
Backup Built-in backup to USB storage or other Buffalo NAS based on rsync
Time Machine Time Machine target for multiple clients
Nova Backup Professional backup software for Windows clients comes with 10 free NovaStor NovaBACKUP® licenses.
Wired LAN/WAN Interface
Number of Drives 4
CPU Intel ® Atom™ D2550 Dual-Core
Hardware System
CPU-Info Intel ® Atom™ D2550 Dual-Core
Number of Cores 2
Memory-Info 2GB DDR3
LAN Interface
Connector Type RJ-45
Number of Ports 2
Data Transfer Rates 480Mb/s USB 2.0 / 5Gb/s USB
Serial Port
Connector Type D-SUB 9pin
Number of Ports 1
Protocol Support
Networking TCP/IP
AD Intergration LDAP
Management HTTP/HTTPS
Time Syncronisation NTP
Camera RTSP
Remote Access
WebAccess Convenient solution for file access from a remote site or via WebAccess Apps available for Windows 8, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7 - 8

HDD Compatibility List

*Box quantity refers to the number of units contained in this product's outer packaging. It does not refer to the number of products purchased for the quoted unit price unless otherwise stated.

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Buffalo TeraStation 4400 TS4400D-EU 24TB (4 x 6TB WD Red) 4 Bay NAS

  • Brand: Buffalo
  • Product Code: Buffalo TeraStation 4400
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  • $1,890.00

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