Portable Server Room Diagnostic Sensor Toolkit ?>

Portable Server Room Diagnostic Sensor Toolkit

The world’s first portable server room diagnostic sensor toolkit

Wireless Workflow

Despite advances in CFD software and pre-deployment simulations of data center environments. The majority of server rooms, remote sites and data centers are not designed to handle ever increasing loads and the heat generated by that increased activity.

WIRELESS WORKFLOW represents a world’s first in portable server room diagnostic hardware kits.

WIRELESS WORKFLOW enables early diagnostics of any server room or data center facility. Detecting problems arising from under or over cooling, hot air re-circulation in IT rack space and air delivery resulting in high or low air pressure in raised floors and dropped ceiling plenums.Monitor environmental factors such as:

sensors_01 Temperature sensors_03 Humidity
sensors_05 Water environment-page-sprites_07 Air Flow
sensors_11 Pressure
sensors_09 Contact
sensors_13 Smoke Current, Voltage and more…

WIRELESS WORKFLOW solves the problems associated with old, non-optimized wireless and Wi-Fi sensors.

View the impact of server room infrastructure modifications in real time. Dynamically raise or lower air conditioning set points and see energy consumption rates decrease.

Real-time server room diagnostics
Real-time interactive data center floor maps provide color coded bird’s eye views of key environmental and operational data including active power, current, capacity, temperature, humidity, air flow, differential press and events that occur on a per cabinet basis.
Data Center Real Time View

Thermal Mapping
WIRELESS WORKFLOW visualizes hot spots ‘at a glance’ enabling you to know when to increase or decrease temperature set points or know when to humidify or when to de-humidify.Thermal Rack Maps and custom ASHRAE thermal envelopes allow you to simplify your cooling strategy and stay on top of costs.
Thermal Envelope

Unrivaled Flexibility
Having the flexibility of knowing exactly where to place your operational data points is crucial in establishing a long term, environmental and operational sensor installation.Easily place and re-position sensors anywhere in your server room or data center, collecting sensor data over your existing network.During developmental stages of your server room installation you can even use the WIRELESS WORKFLOW USB kit when no IP network is available.
Temperature Rack Map - Diagnostic Tool

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