Cold Storage Monitoring

To ensure that perishable food items are stored at the correct temperature and environmental conditions. Adequate environmental monitoring should be installed for the early detection and notification of problems arising due to mechanical or electrical failures.

CTSI provide cold storage environmental monitoring devices, both wired and wireless, from warehousing freezers, walk-in refrigerators to critical monitoring solutions for cryo-preservation. Our cold storage monitoring devices scale from one refrigeration unit to a distributed deployment across a number of large cold storage factories.

In the event of a change in temperature, for example, if a freezer door was left open or a power outage has occurred, early detection software ensures personnel are alerted to the temperature change immediately.

Restrict access to cold storage areas.

But that’s not all, with CTSI you can also monitor the entry and exit of employees. Restrict access to food storage areas for employees who should not be there. Add network security cameras and monitor employee activity. Receive email and SMS alerts with images and video in the event of a security breach.  

Early fire detection in storage areas

Storing flammable goods? Add smoke alarms to your cold storage monitoring system to get early warning smoke detection events via email and SMS. You can even configure an automated phone call to emergency services should the alerts fall outside of normal working hours. Add siren strobe alarms or link output signals directly to your local fire management and sprinkler systems.

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Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

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