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your critical assets - local or remotely.

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Need to monitor temperature?

Monitor temperature or temperature and humidity of your critical assets.

Critical assets such as remote sites, server rooms, freezers, refrigerators, warehousing, incubation rooms, expensive electronics such as servers and networking equipment, critical IT systems or even refrigerated transportation. Temperature Monitoring systems from CTSI Systems Integration provide compliant and reliable monitoring solutions, whatever your application.

Temperature monitoring systems from CTSI Systems Integration operate independently from other systems and can be monitored and controlled remotely or on-site via our enterprise monitoring software. Temperature monitoring systems from CTSI provide active alerts and notifications when temperature or other environmental variables travel outside of their predefined thresholds. Alerts are fully configurable to meet your needs and are compliant with regulatory requirements. Collected sensor data is collected and available for review from any location.

While Temperature monitoring is the most popular environmental variable to monitor, log and control. CTSI also provide a range of devices that allow you to control other devices to create a full process control environment that reacts to subtle changes in temperature.

Our systems are ready to run right out of the box with preset optimal configurations allowing for access locally or remotely via a 3G connection.

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